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Agency Setup

After you complete the sign up process on, you will be asked to create your manager account for the Travel Agency Manager (TAM). This will be your log-in for the portal system which is separate from your billing account.

Once you click create, a button will appear to take to the portal where you can now log in to the system. You can also access the log-in page at Here is what it will look like when you first log in. You will see the drawer menu icon at the top left corner of your screen. Click here to access the menu.

Here are the different menu options available to admin users.

Start with the "Admin Options" setting to get started. Here you can set a default commission for your agents.

Setting the default will set the percentage rate for when an agent is created in the system. For example, if all your agents start at 50%, put 50 here. If you have a Lead team who receives a different percentage on bookings which are generated from your lead group, set the lead commission here.

If you check the "Allow Agents to set Commission", the default commission will be placed on bookings, but agents have the opportunity to override it.

If you check the "Lead Commission Checkbox" this adds a check box to your bookings pages so that if the box is checked, the booking commission will be overridden with the lead commission percentage set on this page.

Your next step will be to set up your agents. Go to the "Manage Users" page from the drawer menu in the top left corner.

From here you can click the "Add User" button to create a new user. If you accidentally delete a user, you can click "Restore User" to trun a user account back on.

*Please note that you cannot delete the main user account which is shown here.

The first thing you will want to do is create an "agent" account for yourself. This will be for you to use to track any of your own reservations and bookings in the system.

Next, you can add other manager users to the account. Please note that they will be able to see and make changes to all users, bookings, clients, etc in the system, so do not create someone as a manager unless you need/want them to have access to everything.

When creating users, you have two options for helping agents log-in for the first time. Option 1: Set up a generic password and send that information to your agent and have them reset the password when they first log in. Option 2: Let the system generate a password and instruct your users to visit and click "Forgot Password". The will enter their email address and the system will send them an email to reset their password where they can go in and set up their new password. *Please note that all passwords must include an Upper case letter, a lower case letter, and a number and must be longer than 8 characters.

Here you can see what the list looks like with multiple agents added to the account.

The next step is to set up your suppliers. Go to "Manage Suppliers" in the drawer menu on the top left. And click the "Add Supplier" button.

Here is where you will add any suppliers which you book through. This is helpful for reporting and managing payments and remittances when using the system. Agents will choose the Supplier from a drop down menu when creating their booking.

Once you have created your agent accounts and added suppliers to the system, your agency is ready to use the Travel Agency Manager!